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(9/13/03) I changed the Title of the site, something a little more "Original" than "Ridersville Inc.", a name that has been in use since 1982. In other NEWS, The guy who has been robbing "Ridersville Cycle" just got arrested yesterday, he got arrested breaking into a vending machine at a bowling alley, but hasn't been charged for robbing us yet, I hope he does. Oh and me and my Friend have started a computer buisness, and the " Almost Finished " site is

(9/8/04) I changed the backround, and got rid of the Quick mailer, cause it isn't workin' right.

(4/30/04)-If you've sent me an e-mail recently then i have not received it my e-mail changed to
(2/28/04)- I've been working on a new comic and some others SuperBunny, Side-Kick Simond, and Tech-Guy and the "Carbonated Hijinks." I've also added a new page Mario Bros. I haven't done much with it yet.  

Sorry I haven't updated in a while i've been working on my new site 

I've been having trouble thinking of what to add to the site so I added a QuickMailer so you can tell me what you want on the site.( if you don't want to put your name in just say its fred)(unless your name is fred)(7/1/03) 

HI WELCOME to my site here you will find some fun stuff . I have my E-CARD's working go to E-mail. I have a new page called Pinball if it doesn't have much on it it means I'm working on it. My Pac-man game is up and running.

The counter has reached over 800 people,Thanks! Edit


What's New?

I have just added a new mini poll and a page containing my comic book hero Super Bunny.


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Here is my dad. 


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